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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, May 27, 2013


For many families, they have graduations to celebrate every few years. And depending how many kids you have, you have fewer or more graduations of those kids to check of the list. This spring, Eli's parents had THREE of their kids graduate! Unless you have triplets (or 19 kids), I imagine that doesn't happen too often for many families!

Eli graduated with his Master's degree, his younger brother Ezra graduated from KU with his bachelor's degree, and his younger sister Joy graduated from high school! Whew! Talk about a lot going on in the family! We're headed in a bit to an open house to celebrate Joy's graduation ... we had one last week for Ezra, and we've been to multiple graduation celebrations over the last two weekends for other friends and youth as well. Just some memories ...

At Eli's graduation in Springfield

Eli with Pastor Stan and Allison - our youth pastors in high school and college!

Whoop! Got the official DONE!

Daddy's outfit is a pretty good costume ...

Drooling???? = ) I made a homemade Snickers cake for Ezra's party!

Helping Uncle Ezra open presents

Ezra's girlfriend, Daniele, graduated also!

Nephew Love!

Congratulations to Joy!

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