A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Peanut Butter and Babies

Two weeks ago today, my sister in law gave birth to my newest niece! Very exciting for our family ... another little baby to snuggle and watch grow! Ellia Claire is a little sweetheart, and thankfully for her Mama with two little ones to care for, a super good baby. We've been over a couple times to say hello, including last night to drop by some dinner for them. I spotted this recipe online last week, and was happy for an occasion to try it out! I am known for a love a peanut butter in ANYTHING, and I'm always up for a new bar recipe to try! Recommending this one to any chocolate/peanut butter lovers out there! I subbed chopped up Reese's (left from Easter), and added semi-sweet chocolate chips for her mix of candies. It was what I had on hand.

The beginnings of goodness ... butter, peanut butter, and sugar = ) I didn't say it was healthfood!
Made them to take to my brother's house for dessert, along with homemade pizza and simple veggies. I think every nursing Mama deserves a little treat at the end of the day.


My dad asked me if I have "baby-itis" going on right now. Hmmmmmm, whenever I hold a newborn baby, I think I get a little twinge within ... don't most Moms??? Then I think about how sick I was when pregnant with Matthias, and how it took him ONE YEAR to finally sleep through the night (with all my efforts on sleep training - why why WHY), and I told him, "yes, I sure do. But I DON'T have pregnancy-itis" = ) In other words, I'm so grateful to have a niece to hold, but still need a bit more time before considering the 4th, or before embarking on nine months of pregnancy.

I'm sure the time will come ... but I would really like to have sold our house and be settled in a new one before any serious considerations. I'm enjoying my current bushel each and every day right now!

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