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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Indoor Swimming Party

When we went to Branson last weekend, my parents stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool! Sooooo glad that they did! We knew the weather might be rainy the first day, so the pool helped get out some energy in the little boys after an afternoon inside! We all got in the water (except my mom, who took the pictures), and splashed away. I was surprised at how much fun Matthias had. That little boy LOVED the pool - it helped that the water was really warm - and splashed around and wore himself out.

It was good to see Reuben get more used to the water, because he seems to still tend to fear getting his face wet and being brave. But, it didn't take long for him to jump into our arms, and be excited that he could stand "all by himself" in the shallow end.

And Jonah, of course, was all about using his goggles and swimming around like a little fish. I need to get some swimming lessons lined up for him this summer to work on some more swimming skills - but sooooo glad that he loves the water!

It was fun to have Micah, Adrienne, and little Mataya there with us. And of course my dad threw the boys all over the place, which they thought was the best thing ever!

We didn't end up taking our camera into Silver Dollar City with us. We got a few pictures on Eli's phone, but these pictures from the pool time are really our shots that we got of our trip. Great memories!

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