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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Bittersweet Farewell

There is an awesome young man in our church, Kaleb. He has been a worship leader there for quite some time now, and active in our college group. He began working as a volunteer staff at the youth group, and then became Eli's intern over this last school year.

More than that, Kaleb has been like a part of our family. He started coming over three mornings a week last September to work out with Eli ... which meant the boys fell in love with Mr. K-Love, as they called him, wrestling with him, talking to him about their little Legos and Star Wars toys and anything else in mind. Mr. K-Love was called, as they seemed to think that every male singer on the radio station K-Love, was Kaleb! I think that they finally know, now, that his real name is Kaleb, but most of the time, they are still calling him Mr. K-Love. = )

Kaleb has been such an encouragement to Eli the past year, and our family has just adored him. He always has given the boys time and played with them, made them feel important to him ... he just fit right in. He helped us many times earlier this spring when we were readying the house to list on the market.

And now, Kaleb is moving. To the east coast. He graduated from KU yesterday, and we're so excited to see what amazing things God has for him ... but we are SO SAD to see him go. We celebrated with him at his party yesterday. I was trying to explain to the boys that Kaleb was moving away, and that we wouldn't see him much, except if he came to visit. "But even though he is moving far away, he will still come to our church every Sunday, right Mommy?" Reuben asks. I tried several times to explain that Kaleb would go to a different church now, but the message either didn't sink in ... or was not allowed to sink in = ( So, although we'll get to see him a couple more times, my heart is heavy to lose our great friend.

And as I wait to see the wonderful things that he gets to experience, I also wait with hope to see who God will bring alongside Eli as another encouragement, another partner to bounce ideas off of and bring in fresh ideas for the youth!

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