A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

When Mother's Day rolls around, yes, I look around at my little brood of boys and my heart swells. Swells with love, with thankfulness, with laughter at their silliness, with amazement at the individuality of each little personality, with a bit of "whelmed" with the responsibility of raising these children, and so much more. Like any mother out there. I cherished their handmade cards, their sweet gifts (which Eli had to steer Jonah away from giving me a key chain with "One Hot Mama" inscribed on it - giggle), and the neck squeezing hugs I got all day long. And amidst the challenges of being a mother, I take a moment and remind myself of what a joy it is, and what a g.i.f.t. the Lord has bestowed upon me by giving me children.

I also think of my mom.

Mom with baby Matthias
 I'm so thankful I still have my mom here - and five minutes away, nonetheless! Sooooo thankful for her. And, I often think of her in astoundment (I know, that's not really word, but it works). She raised the five of us, spread out over 13 years, and survived! She homeschooled us for many, MANY years, with times that all five were around the house, whether or not we were all technically old enough to be in a grade or not. She stayed at home when we were little, although she had her degree, so that she could raise us each and every day.

I often ask her questions about how she did this or that, or how one of us acted ... and I love it when she smiles, shrugs her shoulders, and says "I just can't remember all the details anymore!" Somedays I can't imagine not remembering the details, and then ... well, I can't remember the details. Like when my sister-in-law asked me a question about the boys being babies, and details are already fuzzy. = ) That's when I'm thankful for what I wrote down, and pictures.

Helping Jonah with Handwriting
She often stops by to help if I need her, and although she has some health issues and isn't able to carry the boys or lift Matthias, she will take the older boys out sometimes if she knows I just really need a little break, or will tell me I am doing a good job and "can make it" when I'm having one of those days when nothing seems right and all I feel like is one big Mommy Failure.

I know she wasn't perfect ... no mom ever is. And I can testify that we Moms are constantly learning, and learning to do better. Which means five years ago when Jonah was little, I was still learning! I am sure as he gets older, he'll point out ways I've changed parenting, but hopefully our changes are for the better. As we seek the Lord and acknowledge mistakes. But, she is a wonderful, wonderful Mom. And I hope I get to have my mom around for many, many more years to come.

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