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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Last night I was laying by Reuben for a bit in his bed. He was having a hard time winding down and falling  asleep (Jonah was already out for the count), so we were talking about his day. He had already mentioned things about preschool earlier in the day, but suddenly starts talking about making a bread and marshmallow snack.

"And the bread cracker was the tomb. And guess who the marshmallow was?" Giggling. "The marshmallow was JESUS!!!"
"Oh! You made resurrection rolls!"
"Yup. And we wrapped the marshmallow, and it was Jesus, and then the marshmallow disappeared" little hands waving in the air "and the tomb was empty."
"So, the reason the tomb was empty was because Jesus rose from the dead. He was alive!"
Reuben looks at me puzzled, "No, Mom, the tomb was empty because Jesus burned up in the oven!"

Ah well, I think he "kind of" got the gist of the what they were attempting to get across in class! On Wednesday night when Eli was at youth group and I was putting the boys to bed, we were snuggling together and reading the story of the Last Supper and Jesus washing his disciples feet. I questioned them about their thoughts on what that meant. Jonah seemed to have a very good grasp - better than I would have thought. He shared with me about learning to serve others like Jesus served, even when it doesn't make sense. And Reuben pipes up: "AND!" (because this boy really does speak in CAPS!) "AND, Jesus had to forgive Peter THREE TIMES!" holding up three fingers, eyes wide.

He repeated that several times throughout our discussion ... little boys. = ) I was talking to a friend today about how easy it seems to share the story of Christmas, and have children grasp it. A birthday. Childlike faith can grasp a miracle and hold to the story. But, explaining the meaning of Easter feels more challenging to explain to newly 4 year old and 6 year old. I am not an expert in their language by any means. But, we talk. We ponder. And I pray their hearts begin to see how wonderful and great is the Love of our God, who would lay down for such a sacrifice.

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