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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4th Birthday Moments

We forgot to take the camera last night to Eli's parents' house. Failure. I was bummed because I always like capturing a few family photos! Ah well, we did get some pictures in the morning when Reuben opened presents at home, and then took one this morning of that proud little four year old heading to preschool with his birthday snack. Originally he requested Angry Birds Star Wars cake. Ummmmm, not for preschool. Probably for the bigger friend celebration - but not preschool. Plus, my sweet child is obsessed with frosting and NOT cake, so I didn't want to send something that he would just lick the frosting off of and leave the rest! So, I baked a big cookie and just decorated with a little frosting. According to him, it was a big hit = ) How could you go wrong, right?

I got my flashlight and am ready to hunt for presents!

Early morning picture with Daddy! (Sorry, Eli, if you don't like this one!)

Peeking in the coat closet

A new sticker book!

We got both boys new hats so that Jonah got a small present also ...

Jonah's present to Reuben - a Mario Kart game

Happy Birthday pancake!

Look! A HUGE cookie to share at school!

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