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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marching Along

Already over halfway thru March - W.O.W. Time is sure going by fast! One boy's birthday done, another to come in one week, Spring Break retreat, house stuff, St. Patrick's Day, my brother's birthday, Easter ... you get the gist! Busy in a oh-so-good way. = )

My sweet little cruiser has decided that kitchen cabinets are made to be emptied. Doesn't seem to matter that we have "child proofed" them. The one that contains my flour and sugar is not proof to the child. He can still get it open. So, I have had to be creative. I started with blocking the kitchen off:

Excuse me, Mommy. You have thwarted my plans!

You can imagine how that went. He wasn't too happy about it! But, it worked. It does work still, it's just to keep the gate up, it has to lock against the fridge, so I have to use it when I don't need to get in the fridge. Or I have to really think and plan ahead if I'm going to use while getting dinner ready. But, then I re-arranged the cabinet so that his little fingers probably won't end up in the brown sugar again. He can throw rubbermaid containers all over the place, but I find that rather harmless at this point!

He has walked halfway across the living room unassisted. Won't be long until this guy is really going at it!

We are officially on "spring break". Jonah was quite excited to get a whole week off school. He is normally a pretty sport at getting school done and being obedient, but he is happy to get a break. Not to mention the fun family time awaiting him next week, PLUS the week will end with his birthday on Saturday! He was so happy the other day that we worked on a craft together. That is my homeschool weakness. Crafts. I just dislike the mess from them! I admit it. And, I find myself very uncreative in the craft department. Yes, I know that pinterest awaits me ... but I just don't really get on there. One, I'm worried I'll get sucked in. And two, I really just don't have the time to surf on there much. My sole computer time is the few minutes I use of Matthias' naps to work on emails and some work stuff, and then a bit in the evenings. and when I hear of people getting on there and "suddenly" an hour has gone by? Scares the daylights out of me. I can't go there. We do lots of drawing and art pictures, and his own craft creations. I'm working on getting better, because the boy loves crafts.

I woke up early to do my own weights session in the basement before I had to work at the gym. Starting to feel that little bit of soreness from it ... and feels so good. Makes me ready to snuggle into my bed by Eli and sleep til another early morning tomorrow.  My hubby has made me so proud lately. In many, many respects. I am not going to list all the reasons why - but I go to bed tonight so proud to be his wife. And so grateful for a husband that I give my full respect and admiration to. Can't wait to be by his side as we take the youth on their retreat and see him pour out to them, so that they can grow and be changed. I'll go to sleep on those thoughts = )

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