A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scrub A Dub Dub, Three Boys In a Tub

And that's how we got 'em all clean tonight! Bath night it was - and they all had a blast in there together! Thank goodness, most of the water even actually stayed in the tub! = ) Eli called me to come with the camera, and they were even in stairstepping order ...

Love Matthias' face ... "What are you two doing????"
We celebrated birthdays - four - with my family on Sunday night. Got to watch KU win their way into the Sweet Sixteen while we were at it! Perfect night. The boys' birthdays were celebrated along with my nephew's and my older brother's. Boys oh boys! My brother got the boys real cap guns. They have never had those before ... complete with a belt and holsters. As soon as Eli hooked it on Reuben, he inhaled, lifted his chest, tucked that chin down and got fierce. Instant testosterone boost right there. They stomped around the basement that evening, all around our house the last two days, and then Eli let them shoot some caps tonight for the first time.

Jonah is "Cactus Joe", Reuben is "RedBeard" (a little confusion between cowboys and pirates going on there), and then he happily turned to me and offered, "Mom, you can be "PinkBeard". Why, thank you, Reuben.

I got lots of decluttering and putting away of things today, which felt really good! One step closer ... All the while, baking up another batch of these:

 Homemade Graham Crackers

My Matthias LOVES them, and now Reuben likes them too. I have a chocolate graham batch chilling in the fridge tonight to bake tomorrow. That way, I can keep the honey out until Matthias turns a year old, and know exactly what is going into the crackers that my boys eat. Jonah still eyes them with suspect, but I hope to win him over eventually.

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