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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, March 4, 2013

Four It Is!

Today is Reuben's fourth birthday. It is, coincidentally, also Eli's Mom's 60th birthday, and a friend of mine back from full-time social working days birthday as well! Happy Birthday to all! Although time goes fast, I can see that Reuben is ready for the big "4". He is growing fast, working hard to keep up with an older brother, and driven to understand things.

He is, many times, so opposite. He runs everywhere, it seems. I can imagine him being our football player or wrestler. He is so physical and can have that boundless, uncontainable energy! And then, the child moves as s.l.o.w. as molasses when we are trying to get out the door, or get into the van, or put on coats, or get dressed, or you-name-it. Can't get him to get the task done.

He can get completely lost in a task or a toy or game. With himself, or playing with others. Lost in a little world of his own, submerged. He doesn't hear you calling his name. Focused. And then later on, he is talking talking talking, and nothing connects. Just all kinds of facts and things flying at you! Feels completely unfocused at that point = )

He talks loud, just like my brothers! Trying to get that boy to keep his voice down is a lost cause, although I still try and attempt it each and every day. He has an intensity when he is talking to people, a "no fear" when talking to adults about things. "Look me in the eye!" he seems to be saying as he practically shouts whatever he is trying to tell you about with those big blue eyes wide open.

Ahh, Reuben. Each day my heart wrings a little for him. I know what it is like to be the middle child. Too often gets the hand-me-downs while his older brother is getting the new shoes. I see his frustration each day when he feels outsmarted by his brother, but also set aside sometimes when the baby needs extra care. I try and make such an effort to give him snuggles and hugs, and encourage him to try again when he fails. He can do it! To remind him he is special - he has skills and things to appreciate, even if he can't get that Lego set together AGAIN and is in tears. And each day I probably plant my hand to my forehead as I try and figure out his headstrong attitude. He tests me, tries me, and gets more discipline than I ever remember handing out to Jonah at this age. He has a tendency to just give Jonah a good clock when angry. To throw big fits when upset. He is mischievous, ornery as all get out, and still that sweet little boy that I steal squeezy hugs from whenever I can!

He woke up this morning, and after Eli assured him he was, in fact, four years old today, leapt into the bathroom, shouted "MOM, I'M FOUR!" and ran out! We had a couple small gifts for him, that he got to treasure hunt for, and then we sang Happy Birthday to him with four candles on a pancake. He got to play with his new gifts, take a special snack to share at the gym, and then later we shopped with Opa and got a birthday donut (hey, on your birthday you get a little extra sugar around here!). We ended our day at Grandma's to have dinner with family and celebrate a bit more. It was good day. Still some tears when he was tired - and some tears from Jonah who has a hard time with Reuben getting gifts - but it was great. We enjoyed seeing him have a special day.

I'll post a few pictures tomorrow maybe. We have spent all our extra time today packing up some boxes attempting to make our house presentable. We have a real estate agent coming over Wednesday morning to give opinions on what we need to get done to get that "For Sale" sign put up in the yard! Whoop! Tomorrow will be filled with more of the same = ) Amazing how much clutter you see (even when you've been trying to de-clutter lately), with this idea in mind! Wish us luck!

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