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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

And We're on to SIX

Six years old, that is! Not a sixth member of the family - not yet! = )

Jonah turned six years old yesterday. Yikes. My firstborn. I'm not going to get sentimental (too much) on this point, I've done that many times enough before! This shall mostly serve as a re-cap. But, still. Firstborns are the ones that make you into Mommas, and for that, I look at Jonah with a bit of wistfulness. He is taller. He has ZERO baby chub anywhere on that skinny little body. His two front teeth are loose. He would rather us cut his hair into a mohawk than buzz it anymore.

But, he is still my snuggler. Even early this morning (because he is my early riser - like his Momma!), I walked upstairs from a quick workout, and he asked "Come snuggle with me on the couch, Mommy". How could one refuse that? No way. I wrapped my arms around that little 6 year old and we talked for awhile together. Those moments are special - and I know that they are all too fleeting.

Friday eve - the eve before his birthday, Reuben, Jonah, Eli and I were sitting at the table. Reuben and I had shopped earlier that afternoon for presents for Jonah. We had a BIG disucssion on the way home about keeping Jonah's presents secret - as this has been a challenge for Reuben any time in the past. We were sitting there, and Reuben says something to the effect of, "He will really like his sticker book". "Reuben!!!" we exclaim! Jonah promptly covers his ears, although looking at my out of the side of his eyes, "I think I heard what he said, 'sticker book' ". "Reuben, don't say what Jonah's present is!". "Look, though! His ears are covered. He can't hear my say I got him the same sticker book!"

And that, is classic Reuben. Jonah just grinned. "Well, I am glad to know I'm getting the sticker book." Because this was a sticker book that he got Reuben just two weeks ago, and then has had some serious envy about the book since.

Morning, birthday Boy!
Said Sticker Book!
Jonah woke up Saturday. Eli had hung a Happy Birthday sign. He wasn't feeling too great since he has been battling a cold all week. But he recovered. Eli and I both had to work, so the big boys got to go to church with him, and Matthias came to the gym with me. They ran some errands after church to get stuff for their friend party, and then came home for lunch and our couple presents for Jonah. We rounded up things and headed over to Eli's parents' house for a party with seven of their little friends. Joint parties are great! I'm going to keep this up as long as possible. = )

Good Friends!

My two boys requested Angry Birds Star Wars as their theme. They and their friends shot at big blocks and played an animal game, had cake and presents, and then ended the party, tired out, watching part of a movie! My boys are blessed to have three sets of sibling friends that line up close to their ages, plus another good buddy from church. Everyone got along great!

Blowing Out Candles
Thanks Daddy, for letting me try frosting when Mommy wasn't looking!

We had a relaxed evening at home, and sent everyone to bed early. The boys ended on the couch, tuckered out, with Daddy, reading their bedtime story (note Reub's still had a party hat on! Love it). And Eli and I talked on the couch, planning out the ever-present work on the house, and then hit the sack early ourselves.

I've been AWOL from writing down my stories because of the house work. We have been HARD AT WORK this week. We were out of town the first part of the week, taking the youth group on their retreat, and then hit the rest of the packing up hard. This week is painting, a few small repairs, and cleaning up the messes left from packing. Our goal is to have the realtor come on Monday the 1st to take pictures and get that For Sale sign up! Yay! Pray for us, cross your fingers for us, or come and help us! It is still a tall order to accomplish on Easter week, as Eli won't be able to take much time off to put into it.

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