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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Last week we were at my in-law's house. Hanging out and visiting the evening away! My niece was there that evening, so she got Jonah and Reuben involved in a dress-up game, now lovingly called "Presenting". The gist of which being that they would dress up, and "present" each other to the four of us sitting in the living room. "Presenting Jonah" or "Presenting Reuben" would ring out across the house - and A.L.L. adult conversations needed to immediately cease in order to give praise for the spectacularly creative costumes that would be modeled for us. = ) It was fun - and the kids were entertained for quite a while - with no fights! Winner!

Reuben ended up requesting to borrow a scarf from Grandma. A long patterned scarf. Well, to Reuben, it is a "Scarp". I love his little lisps and funny mispronouncements. Someday he'll say everything just right, and I will wistfully look back at the three year old Reuben and his unique "sayings". So, I smile and enjoy them.

The scarp is well loved right now. Taken to bed with Teddy and Reuben. Wrapped around weapons. Carried with Blanky. Made into any number of costume accessories. Ninja. Cowboy. Injured Soldier. Indian. YouNameIt. Love it!

Had to capture a couple pics of my boy ... with his scarp. = )

L.O.V.E. this one! His Face. His Attitude. His SCARP.

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