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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sleeping like a Babe ...

Looking at a sleeping baby is such a peaceful moment. My heart melts when I look at Matthias, just snoozing away, whether it be in his crib, in my arms, on the couch, etc.! He used to be such a fitful sleeping, but about three weeks ago, we finally moved him out of the bassinet in our room and into his crib. Lo and behold, it has made a tremendous difference! He still wakes to eat in the night, but he sleeps much more soundly! And therefore, so do we = ) I don't know if that little guy just "knew" we were right there, but now we are ALL getting more sleep, which makes the days better!

It's amazing how sometimes babies can sleep so soundly through a noisy moment, and at other times, just the floor creaking makes them fail their arms and wake up! And he isn't on any type of a schedule yet - maybe sometime soon! But, we'll get there.

I love this picture of him. And the funny proportions of babies' bodies. His little hands don't even reach above his head! But, sound asleep. I think this particular day, the big boys were out on an outing, so Matthias really DID get some peace and quiet for his nap!

Sweet lil' babe

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