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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why Not?

We had the boys do a deep clean of their room ... and I laughed and laughed when once it was all done, this was how the bed was completed = ) Reuben slept a couple nights with all his animals hanging above him! Why not?

*I spent a great deal of time early this morning wrestling (aka, crying/praying) thru issues this morning ... mostly related to yesterday's post. And yes, some days will be "days like this, my momma said" ... but thru prayer and a realization I was beating myself up and allowing myself to be beat up emotionally - I have decided to joyously (hopefully) live in the truth that I can not do it all. I will not live up to all my own expectations, to all of others' expectations, and to random expectations of stay at home moms. I can't, and I won't. I hope to do more walking in a Peace of accomplishing what God has for each day, and even which things don't get done, OH WELL! My husband and children are loved, loved, LOVED, and I am working to be who I need to be on the inside.
A friend of mine said it perfectly the other night as she and her hubby/kids were visiting for dinner: being a wife and a mother is my ministry right now. And it's tough, and some days I just want to throw in the towel, but I love it at the same time, and this is where God has put me. That is where my focus needs to be.
Agreed. I might every now and then have to vent, because there are THOSE days ... but I can't hold up an impossible measure anymore ... And yes, that measure will try and pop back up in my life. I know it. But, I want to live more freely amidst the hard work of being a mother.

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