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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Evening at the Park

September winds down to a close today ... paving the way for a trip to the pumpkin patch, putting together Harvest Party costumes, planning Thanksgiving Day activities (including another run, hopefully!), and lots and lots of fire pit nights!

The now famous "say cheese" grin Matthias gives us!
The weather has been picture perfect as of late, so we took the boys to the neighborhood school park last night. The big boys brought their scooters to use on the basketball court area, and Matthias was content to run around, go down slides, and swing in Mommy's lap. He also got the high excitement of getting to pet a dog! We don't usually to get to be close up to animals because of Reuben's allergies, but Matthias LOVES animals, especially dogs, so much! This was a big dog, but brought by three little girls and their mom, and super gentle. All evening long, long after the dog was taken home, he would wave his little hand towards the direction they left in, and say in his little mumbled way: "Bye bye, dog-dog, bye bye".

Love these two big brothers!

Love this one! Got anything up your nose?

And this video is of him discovering the lower bar ... workin' those abs! = ) Hopefully we'll remember how great the park felt from 6-7pm, and taken advantage of repeating this activity on nights that we don't have events planned.

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