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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grandma Time!

Last weekend, we headed off to Silver Dollar City in Branson, for a much needed weekend away from the daily life! Not that life isn't good = ) But, since summer is a busy time for us, we didn't get any vacation time then. So, back to Branson for a three day family time. We had such a good time! I hope to post some pictures tomorrow once I can get them off Eli's phone.

Eli's mom sent each of the big boys with a $5 bill, to buy a special cookie cutter in their specialty baking shop there, to bring home so that they could make and frost cookies together. Boy, were they excited! They debated over that big wall of cookie cutters, and make their decisions with lots of excitement on the day to look forward to.

After I taught at the gym this morning, we headed over to Grandma's to make cookies. The boys helped (some) roll out the dough, and then cut out cookies to bake. In addition to the ones we got, she has a big tub full of different sizes and shapes of cookie cutters. My sister in law and niece were there to participate as well. Once cooled, they all got frosted and decorated! And tasted, of course ...

I realized yesterday when scheduling something out for two weeks, that it would be October in two weeks! OH MY!!! Fall is here ... although it's still 90 degrees outside! Time to get on top of fall crafts and all kinds of fun "fall-ish" activities.

Aunt "Missa" and Tirzah!

Look at the size of those gingerbread men cookies! This is a "two day" cookie!

Matthias has developed a cheesy camera grin when we pull it out to take a picture!

Matthias and Grandma ... we are so so blessed!

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