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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jonah - Tall and Straight

During our science work today, we were wrapping up a unit on the human body. It ended with a little questionnaire about how the child takes care of their body on a daily basis. Jonah wanted me to ask him the questions so he could answer them.

We going down the line, talking about sleeping enough, eating the right foods, etc.

One question says something to the effect of: sitting and standing straight to help your back stay strong and healthy.

Jonah: "Why is that important?"

I stand up, show him someone walking slumped over, explain the importance of standing "tall and proud" as well as sitting that way.

He looks at me, shakes his head: "Mom, pride in our hearts is wrong. We are not suppose to have pride. We should stand tall and straight, but we should not be proud."

My little boy has been intently doing his Bible studies each day! And yes, 6 year old, I stand corrected = ) Another day, we'll talk about the other 'good' meaning of proud.

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