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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Rush

Nothing like adding a teenage boy into the mix of an already full house and busy weekend = ) We have a great youth group boy, 15 years old, who has been staying with us since Thursday and through tomorrow. He is a great kid, but it still changes thing when adding someone else in to the home ... someone else to share the one bathroom in the home with the other 5 of us, another mouth to feed (and BOY can he eat!), and working on helping him plan through his packing as he gets ready to head back to home in Australia for a few weeks, etc.

We have family in town from California, which as been AWESOME! We love them sooooo much! Even though it has been years since Eli, myself, and the boys have seen them, it feels like no time has passed. That's how great our family is = ) We've swam with them, we went bowling together to get out of the heat, and have spent countless dinners together and just chatting time. The boys have fallen in love with their big cousin Jonathan (he is 15 years+ older than them), and thankfully he is such a sweetheart and plays Legos and games with them. I am going to try and get some pictures over the next few days to capture the great memories we're creating.

And somehow June is flying by ... I was putting something on my calendar for work, and realized I was scheduling for July 3rd. Boo. I am truly, truly, enjoying a more relaxed schedule this summer. Enjoying a break from homeschooling. I love seeing my boys learn at home - but the truth is: it is a lot of work to homeschool. And I only have two to work on! I have friends with more that they teach each day, and I am amazed by them. It stretches me to the limit of myself and drives me to rely on God intensely. I cannot do it all. Each and every I have to lay down what I would like to do, and see what He has for me. It is all good, but good does not mean easy. I am not even worrying about picking all my curriculum until July: this mental break time is just what I need before I start to gear up for the fall schedule.

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