A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, June 9, 2013


I'm headed to bed in a much better frame of mind tonight = ) Yesterday was just a fight ... some days are like that! Everyone slept better last night, slept LONGER last night, and we started off the day fabulously! Jonah and I were playing on the living room floor with Matthias, when Reuben flew out of his room in his jammies, ecstatic, "MOM!!!!! MY DIAPER IS DRY!!!!!" For the four-year-old who regularly bemoans the fact that he has not been able to stay dry through the night and still has to wear a pull-up, this was huge. Doubly huge, because the was the second night in a row! He has so desperately wanted to stay dry - but the child just sleeps hard! I am hoping that this is the start of being able to stay dry.

We celebrated by getting Dunkin' Donuts for a treat on the way to church. And maybe a coffee for Mommy *wink wink*

Tonight, 7:30, I warned the boys that they could have a snack now before bed, but "None later". They have a habit of being STARVING right when we say brush teeth and into bed. "Choose a snack now if you want one, because the kitchen will be closed later on" I warned. I got them both to look me in the eye so they realized I meant what I said.

Jonah stood up, looked at me back very seriously, "I don't want a snack, Mom, but I am wondering: will drinks be free later on? I would still like to have a drink of milk."

I had to stifle my giggle on that one. Free????

This week the weather will warm up, but we have enjoyed our cooler start to a Kansas summer and spent lots of time outside in the backyard ...

Matthias is working on climbing the Little Tykes slide ...

See these muscles, Mom??? Yup, you wish you were as strong as us!

They bicker all right ... but no doubt these two are also best buds.

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