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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Precursor to Father's Day

We woke up today with big excitement in our house ...

Jonah lost his first tooth! This little tooth had been "wiggly" for quite some time, but earlier this week, he bit funny into a popsicle, which really loosened things up! For the next couple days, that tooth has been getting really loose, and when he woke me up this morning, telling me something about his tooth, I looked in his mouth to see it nearly laying sideways it was so loose! Once Eli got up (because pulling teeth is NOT my department!), he "pulled" it out. I think all he did was touch the thing and it came out! So, sooooo fun! We had decided that one celebration of a lost tooth in this house - Eli remembers it from his childhood - would be a slushy. So, later in the afternoon, he took the boys for a slushy, and we'll see what Jonah's finds under his pillow tonight = )

He doesn't believe in the toothfairy, but he knows it is the Daddys and Mommys in this world that make the switch of tooth and treasure in the night. He can't wait!

We had a pretty busy day, between working some, watching a friend's little girl, and needing to run some errands to prep for Father's Day tomorrow. (otherwise known as mommy-needed-to-get-the-shopping-done-and-was-behind-on-it!) We were heading over to my parents' tonight to celebrate Father's Day, Eli's birthday, and Adrienne's birthday. AND, my grandma is in town - whom I haven't seen for nearly three years! Whew!

For my dad, I had wanted to make a strawberry rhubarb pie, because he LOVES those. Once the afternoon started to fly by, I realized I needed to alter my plan slightly. I was all set to make this recipe, which I had seen online a couple weeks, and been waiting to make for him! All I did differently was scratch the pie crust. I made the filling and the topping, and turned it into a Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. And it.was.good. And I found out once I was into the "making process" that my parents had decided to make homemade ice cream. Double win. Homemade Crisp + Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream = Heaven. Yup. I have a bag of chopped rhubarb now put away in the freezer to pull out another time for something like this. It has such a short season around here.

Just keep fillin' my bowl, Mom, and I'll have no complaints ...
The ridiculous goodness that is homemade ice cream

We had a great evening. Lots of little boys and little toddlers running all over the place, and laughter, and good times together. I think my grandma mostly sat back and just watched the madness ... but she met four great-grandchildren this trip that she had never met, so it is special to her. And I'm so glad she is here.
Little boys and their Granny

Giving Opa some Father's Day Love!

Me and our littlest family member, Ellia .... sooooo sweet!

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