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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Crunch

Since Jonah is homeschooled ... well, I know that there are certain areas in which he will probably be more sheltered. That is just fine with me. I know I grew up sheltered in many ways as well, and I certainly don't look back and regret it. And I certainly don't think that it had any type of negative impact on my life! I feel great!

But, in a really cute and funny way, he surprised me the other day with these conversations:

There is a little girl at the gym - a couple years older than Jonah - whose mom also works there, so they are often there at the same time. Right now, she and Jonah are getting along pretty well. It helps that he will gladly play house if requested, and she'll go right along and play dragons with him. He often asks me if she will be there when we're getting ready to head out, or will ask if I will text her mom to find out if she'll be there! So, her momma was already aware Jonah liked having Drew around. And she told me about a week ago that Drew had asked her if "Jonah had a crush on her". Her mom reassured her that Jonah was just a friend, and that girls and boys can be friends.

But the next morning, we were all at the gym at the same time, and Drew went ahead and just asked Jonah if he had a crush on her. A What? A crush. You know, like when you love someone. Do you have one on me? No, he replied. (I wasn't present for this conversation)

A half hour later, I'm walking the boys outside to the van, and Jonah asks, Mom, do you know what a 'crunch' is?
A Crunch?
Yeah, a crunch. You know, like when you love someone.
Ooohhhhhh, yes, a crunch. Why are you asking?
Because Drew asked if I had a crunch on her.
And what did you say?
Well, I told her no, I don't. Because I wouldn't want to say yes and embarrass her.

Smiled to myself. And then told Jonah that having friends that are girls is awesome, and I was so glad that he has a friend like Drew, and it is perfectly okay for boys and girls to be friends and play together.

A couple days later, he was drawing a picture for Drew ... and picture of he and Drew holding hands. Ahhhhhh, hmmmmmm. I asked him about it, and asked if that was the kind of picture he wanted to give her. He paused, looked at me, and then said, Maybe I shouldn't. She might think I have a crunch on her.

He proceeded to draw a different picture and wrote 'I like playing with you Drew' on it. = )

I really didn't think that "crunches" would be coming up in any conversations this year. But, thankfully, I think this one has been pretty harmless.

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  1. Oh Jonah...the girl who gets his heart someday will be a very special girl indeed :)