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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Decade

Welcome to the 30's! At least, that's what a super awesome voicemail left for me from Natalie said today! Yep, today was my 30th birthday. In some ways, I still feel about 25, and think everyone I am friends with is still that age as well! But, as another friend laughed with me ... three kids and a minivan later - nope, 25 isn't quite right! So, 30 it is. I wasn't too freaked about it. Just wanted to enjoy my birthday with my family and friends.

Eli and our small group at church surprised me on Thursday night with a little party. We played games and had snacks together - which was fun! He had asked me if I wanted a party or anything - and I really didn't! Nothing big. So, this was a little surprise, which was super sweet and I had a great time.

Sadly, two of the three boys are sick - AGAIN - so I had to stay home this morning from church and take care of them. I wanted to be around my community and enjoy everyone, but it wasn't to be. But, when I woke up, I decided I was just going to enjoy every minute of this day, sick kids or not! So, Matthias, Reuben and I had a wonderful little morning together. Once Eli and Jonah got home, we had lunch, and I got to get out for awhile to head to teach a launch class at the gym (YAY!). It was good to sweat, laugh, and have fun for awhile, since we have been dealing with sick kiddos for several days.

I got home to a big "Happy Birthday" sign on the way, little boys hiding under blankets to yell "SURPRISE" to Mommy, and a table all decorated with hearts, candy and gifts. It was super, super sweet. They were wearing party hats, and Captain America masks (from their birthday party last March), and I put on my party hat to join in on the fun! Eli had taken them shopping and they had some small gifts for me to open, which was funny, because Reuben gave his away before I could get the paper off, and Jonah admitted that he "didn't really pick his out" ... ahhhhhh, love it!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Eli and I had planned to walk around downtown and his mom was going to watch the boys, but we decided to postpone and just hang out with the boys here and keep the spreading of germs to a minimum. He picked up some egg drop soup for me for dinner, and my dad surprised me by dropping by later with a little dessert to share.

See? Nothing special planned ... and it seemed like it would be a quiet and lonely day almost, but God gave me little surprises along the way, and I have had an A.W.E.S.O.M.E. day. A wonderful birthday, and hey - I'm ready to take on my thirties.

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