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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Close to My Heart

I've been done and out with the flu this week ... seriously down and out. I could hardly get out of bed yesterday, but finally today the fever has broken and I have a little appetite again, so on the uphill road, hopefully! I'm ready to have fun playing with the boys again, and catching up on the piles of laundry and housework that are now waiting for me = )

On Monday I got to have brunch with my mom, sister, and sister in law for my birthday. They had a present for me that they had gone in together. I had no idea what to expect, and was soooooo thrilled to find this little gift tucked inside the bag!

Jessica wears one similar to this all the time, and I have always admired it and told her how much I loved. It never actually occurred to me to suggest one for myself as a gift ever! So, it was a wonderful surprise, and I LOVE it! I can't wait to wear it a lot! Keep my boys close to my heart.

Last night as I was laying in bed - at a really low moment - the boys paraded into the room to give "Mommy a present". They had little chocolates that they had gotten at the store with Eli, and pictures that they had drawn for me to "get well". Eli later laughed and said these were the most "violent get well pictures ever created". As you can see, my sweet boys drew me some wonderful get well pictures of us fighting with light sabers ... I'll take that as a compliment that I'm a decent enough light saber fighter that they just can't wait for me to be ready to join back into their battles!

I'm hoping this weekend brings more health into our house, and lots of fun! We've worked a bit on cleaning/sanitizing this morning, and there is more to do, as always. And I'm itching to try a new recipe for breakfast cookies that I found online.

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