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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cousins ...

I've posted about Selah and Matthias before ... born five weeks apart last spring, these two little cousins are bound to grow up good playmates! I had a close, close friend that was a boy when I was growing up, so I'm sure that Matthias and Selah will have lots of fun together - no matter that one is a boy, and the other a girl!

Today we headed over to my parents' to watch the KU game. We cut cable beginning of the summer when we were really trying to trim down expenses because of a rough start to 2012 financially. And we're not planning to re-start it at this point. So expensive around here! And neither my younger sister and her family, or my younger brother and his family have cable either! That all means that my parents get visitors when KU plays = ) They don't mind ... most of the time! If we can watch most of the weekend games there, then Eli is particularly happy - the kids don't stay up late enough to head over there for evening games, so we keep up on the score online or other means.

And Selah and Matthias were crawling all over the living room together and playing toys together. And, of course, eating baby puffs together. Eli and I have dubbed those innocent looking puffs to be Baby Crack. Dead serious. When Matthias hears the little container rattle, he gets all excited and starts waving his hands and breathing all crazy! Goodness - Gerber and knock-offs are making a killing from those things!

But, it was so fun to see those two be together. I remember growing up, and walking down our back street hill to where my cousins lived a few streets away for a time period and getting to play with family. Family is such a blessing! And family close by even more so. I don't take it for granted - EVER - that my siblings (and Eli's!) all live close by and we get to spend so much time with family. I know that could change over time. I count each family gathering as special and am constantly expressing gratitude to the Lord for the blessing of having these years close by.

The photos are a bit blurry - I just took them on my iTouch - and babies don't hold still! But a good memory nonetheless. These two are going to be trouble once they are walking/running off together!

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