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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, November 7, 2011

From Jonah, To God

Yesterday morning before church, Jonah asked me to get on the computer to print out some coloring pages "with pictures of Jesus on them" So, I hopped on and printed out some sheets for him to color with all the crayons and markers he had set up on the table.

Reuben sat beside him and they worked away on pictures while I finished getting myself ready for church and putting away a few things in my bedroom. They were coloring peacefully together, so I took the moment to enjoy some peace myself!

Jonah called me back into the kitchen to show me his pictures. Three that he had pretty carefully colored inside the lines and taken time with. One, he said, was for his Children's Church teacher that he adores.

The other two???

"I colored these two for God. I am going to save them and take them to Him when we go to live with Him in heaven."

Sweet boy. He loves to talk about God, and how God loves him and listens when he needs to talk to Him. And this was what he could imagine would mean something to his Lord. = ) We tucked them away carefully ... this makes me so excited for discussions about the true meaning of Christmas!

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