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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Touch with His Feelings

Reuben is turning into an outward processor. He must, at all times, explain what is going on around him, attempt to share what he is thinking, and tell us all what we are doing as well. I think it is both a part of him exploring language, but also just a part of this little guy developing more and more of his own personality.

However, with it has come a bit of self pity. Whenever he gets in trouble, or seems to be upset/offended about something, he is ready to explain his sadness. He drums up tears, sad lips, and follows me around, saying: "Mommy, I crying." But, it comes out like this: "Momma, I ka-why-ing". Because it doesn't do to just cry, you have to tell someone you're crying, right? As if I wasn't already aware of the fact ...

And then it usually gets tagged by the WHY of his ka-why-ing. The boys got a slushie the other day, and Reuben got extremely offended that his slushie was finished. The fake tears came, the sad face, and the next ten minutes of driving were filled with "Momma, I ka-why-ing bout my slushie ... Momma, I ka-why-ing bout my slushie"

Yes, my boy. I know you are. But even when you get in trouble: "Momma, I ka-why-ing I trouble" isn't going to get you OUT of being in trouble.

I wish I had a good picture of his conjured up offended face, but I don't! Clearly, though, he is more than in touch with his feelings ... and he is going to have to work on this issue of getting offended at things and people so easily as he grows up or his little life will be full of pity-parties.

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