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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend for Daddy

Eli's birthday was yesterday, and Father Day was today. Big weekend for him! It has turned out to be a really BUSY weekend all around, and amidst the celebrating for him, we both found ourselves running around and feeling kinda drained. Add in two nights of big thunderstorms which = two little boys waking up in the night ... and we woke up this morning completely empty. I honestly felt like I was walking around in a cloud from the time I got out of bed until worship started at church. It was strange!

Through all that, though, we found laughter in funny things the boys did, smiles in hearing "Happy Birthday Daddy" carefully pronounced by Reuben, hugs as the boys eagerly gave their gifts to Daddy for both his birthday and Father's Day, nd some good reminders of the foundation of our marriage as I wrote some cards to him. Something about handwriting a card and expressing my feelings to Eli can push all those "little" things aside and remind me of what is important in our relationship.

I am so proud to call Eli my husband. He is a man I look up to, trust with all my heart, and adore. He has many strengths that I do not, and I can see how God put us together for a purpose. He keeps laughter alive in our house, and is such a great dad. I could not ask for a guy more involved with his kids, and more willing to play with them, listen to them, and seek to grow their character. These two boys love him:

Happy Father's Day!

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