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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Fisherman

Today was Eli's day off. After a long weekend (with a post about that later this week), we decided to head to my Uncle and Aunt's pool for some sunshine and swimming!

Oh ... whoops. They also have a small pond as well. Stocked with fish. Hmmmmm. So, my fishing crazy husband and four year old want to do that as well. No worries on my end. I D.O. N.O.T. enjoy fishing - but Eli assured me that he and Jonah would fish. And that Reuben could fish if he wanted, and then I could relax by the pool in peace for a bit before they got hot and sweaty enough to want to come jump in.

Two thumbs up!

My sister-in-law and neice came along for the outing. We got there, the boys and my sister-in-law got to fishing, and my neice and I headed for the pool. We kept an eye on the fishers across the backyard, and watched them pull in a couple little fish. Jonah headed over to the pool after about 20 minutes of fishing. 90+ degrees and humid! He was ready to play in the water. But Reuben, Reuben kept right on fishing. In fact, he caught his own fish! He was holding the pool, and a fish got hooked, and he started to reel it in himself! He was so proud. Finally, with Joy and Eli were done fishing, they had to drag a protesting Reuben away from his work. He loved it. I was surprised that he had enough patience to stay by the pond in the hot sun and fish away with his daddy ... but I underestimated the little guy. I think fishing trips in the future will now include a two year as well.

This little fisherman will have many trips ahead of him!

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