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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We rang in the celebration of America's Independence "Family Style" - as usual!

After Eli and I both got in our Monday morning workouts (pretty awesome tag-teaming going on), we headed over to his family's house for a lunch BBQ. Not only for the 4th of July, but also to celebrate Eli's birthday from June, and his brother's birthday ... which just happens to be July 4th! We had a great time - very relaxing and fun! Lots of good fun, chatting, and a few "small" fireworks in the backyard to appease the children - and the pyro-men!

Back home for naps (and a cribbage game between Eli and I), and then we headed to meet MY extended side of the family at my uncle's house in the country for swimming, food, and fireworks! Both boys swam with Eli, Aunt Adi, and Uncle Micah, and then we played inside for a bit. Jonah headed to the driveway to do fireworks with Eli and his "cousin" (sort of like second cousin ... but it's complicated!) Isaiah to enjoy sparklers, fountains ... and watch my older brother light up an insane amount of fireworks. Earplugs provided = ) I attempted once to get Reuben outside, but he got really scared and repeated to me over and over the rest of the night "I no like FIREWORKS, Mommy!"

And really? Fireworks are Eli's thing. He loves them, so Reuben and I relaxed with some Nick Jr. as it got late, and once the boys had enough of lighting things on fire ... we headed home. LATE for us.

Which is why I am blogging. = ) Both boys are sound asleep and I am cleaning house and catching up! It was a good 4th.

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