A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Good Reminder

Today has (so far) been one of those days that has seem long, hard to maintain patience with the three kids invading the house ... and Mommy feels tired and overwhelmed when looking at the rest of the week and all that it holds schedule-wise for us!
I felt like if I could just make it to naptime! While everyone rested, I could re-charge, and re-focus myself and my thoughts on what is truly important. Not keeping a tight schedule or perfectly picked-up house (which is not possible, but for some reason I'm always attempting), but to give the boys a mom who is not frazzled - therefore easy to push her buttons - but a mom who has spent some time in the Word and ready to enjoy the day, not just "make it thru".

I sent the boys to the living room to put Tirzah down for her nap. Rocked her and took some deep breaths myself = ) Went back out to the living room to see this:

Those little boys who had seemingly spent the entire morning bickering and doing things that would set the other off, climbed up beside each other and were recording themselves singing songs together on my phone (side note: I am ignoring the obvious offense of them getting my cell phone into their hands). Good reminder that they love each other, and even when I might feel like everything is out of control, God gives me something to smile about.

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