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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

BODYPump It!

My "long" weekend last weekend was busy because I was training to teach BodyPump. I already teach BodyStep at my gym, and went through a 3 day training to start my pursuit to become a BodyPump instructor. And yes, both our families think I'm rather looney with my exercise pursuits. Eli does as well - but he still encourages me 1) because he has seen the physical results/energy I have when I get my exercise in; 2) he agrees it is a great stress relief for mommyhood; and 3) because he is just plain amazing!

It was a long weekend in terms of being gone three days for 9 hours - but also fun because I was with friends from the gym, and got in some good girl time along with sweating it out multiple hours a day! It did, however, re-affirm that I just cannot leave my boys for that long! Being gone all day makes me sad ... and when Reuben wrapped his little arms around my leg when I got home from the first day of training and said "Mommy, miss you", I almost considered not returning for the second and third days! An hour or two here and there is okay ... but not ALL DAY!

Eli was also running a fundraiser for the youth group - so he was gone during the day the first two days. Thank goodness for family nearby who pitched in to help us with Jonah and Reuben so that we could both keep our commitments.

It was Hard. Fun. Challenging. Mentally and Physically Taxing. But having someone critique your form, your cueing, and your coaching is really invaluable. It helps me to be a better instructor, a better participant ... and makes your body work a lot harder!

And it helped to have these girls along to help keep a smile on my face ...

We will get each other through learning more tracks, and prepping to video ourselves teaching to send in for the final phase of certification!

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