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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Garden Bounty

I used to hate tomatoes.

Sure, I didn't mind ketchup and things made with tomato sauce ... but tomatoes themselves? Found their texture and their taste completely disgusting to me (lump that in with avocados as well). Fortunately, my tastes over the last years have changed - for both food items! I can now devour either one completely naked, with maybe some salt sprinkled over it. Or, I like tomatoes on sandwiches, fresh salsa, you name it!

And this year I'm especially grateful, as my father in law's garden is going crazy with tomatoes right now. They have harvested so many in the last three weeks! Several batches of salsa have been made, my mother-in-law has roasted and canned some, other family members have taken some home to eat, we're going to make and can tomato basil soup later this week ... and on and on it goes! Yesterday I took the boys over there, and Eli's sister braved the 100 degrees to go pick since his dad was out of town. She carried at least four flats in. So, that meant I got to bring a big bag home for my parents and I to eat! All the rain this summer has made those little big plants happy.

Seriously, since last Monday, I have had tomatoes every single day, and most of the time like this:

Sorry for bad lighting, I happen to live and cook in a basement right now = ) I've just been slicing them thick, sprinkling them with garlic salt and cheese, and putting those babies under the broiler for a few minutes. Yum yum good. It's fast, easy, and delicious. Too bad my boys are not brave enough to give it a try ... although I wouldn't have either when I was little!

I hope to have a small garden next year in the new house - mostly because the boys REALLY want one! But, I am so so thankful that this year I get to enjoy garden goodness anyway! A friend from the gym gave me basil - already chopped and frozen to use when needed - and I know there will be lots of potatoes headed my way as well from Eli's sister. It's a blessing!

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