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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

California - Part 1

 There were so many memories made in California! I am grateful that especially Jonah and Reuben are old enough this trip to really remember their cousins and all the fun things that we did together! I think that although they loved going to the beaches and hiking around redwood trees, in reality, the best things that they (and we!) take away were just time with family. Time long overdue.

Eli and I both just enjoyed watching the three boys build relationships with so many cousins (and our cousins), aunts, uncles, etc. They were bonded by the end, and Jonah cried a few times during the many good-byes that had to be said. Eli and I enjoyed meeting our cousins' children that we haven't ever met, and re-connecting with everyone there that we love so much! Hopefully we don't have to wait five years again to go out and be with this part of the family = )

Spending time with cousins Tyler, Henry, and Peyton

At the beach! Not sunny and hot - rather chilly and cloudy, but makes for great sandcastles building time!

Love this guy = )

Jonah and Tyler - best cousin buddies

Don't mess with these boys!

Daddy and Matthias hiking in the redwoods
In front of a really big tree! My four guys

Cousins on the bridge together
I have some more pictures to post, but this was what I got together tonight. We didn't end up taking our nice and big camera, simply because with suitcases and backpacks, we couldn't handle anymore "cases" to deal with carrying through airports, never mind the three boys! So, we relied on our phones to capture memories with this time around. Thank goodness for that!

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