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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Reflections

June came and went ... too fast! Isn't that the way summers always seem to go? I know that many families look forward to school starting and schedules back into a routine. And yes, there is some level of beauty in that - but for a homeschool mom, I can't say that I'm ready yet = ) In fact, we are relishing the summer. Splashing in the pool when we have gone, swim lessons for two big boys who are oh-so-brave in the water, lots of time reading books together, playing legos, planning for the new house. Nope, I am not in a hurry for any change yet.

We enjoy our days at my parents' house, although the boys ask daily about the new house and when we will get the keys and when we can move in. They have an anticipation within them to be back in our own space. I know it will be another transition to work though, but it makes my heart feel easier about taking on such another transition. They are looking forward to it. Matthias often tells me to "go get the key! get the key for the new house!".

I've made it to 21 weeks along in the pregnancy. Still some morning sickness each day, but seems to be lessening = ) Finally! I feel absolutely huge for this stage in my pregnancy. I know it is all relative, but when I compare the last three, this time the belly is popping out quicker. I eat as healthy as I can, and still working out daily, but the body is doing what it wants to do, I guess! It is ridiculous to complain about. I know that. But, for a fitness instructor, it IS hard to let go of my intensity and realize that I have to slow down a bit - otherwise I can't breathe!

We are prepping to head to California for a long-overdue trip to see all of Eli's extended family. I think there will be nearly 50 of us all together there! The boys haven't been on a plane since Jonah was two and Reuben was three months, so they are excited, and I'm ... well, I'm hoping all the plane rides and the subsequent drives up north to get to Northern California go well! We will have a great time when we're there.

As for me, I've been doing some meditating on the Psalms and seeking to just sit and hear the voice of the Lord for me. To be a tree planted deep, as described in the first one. I would rather not endure change: and this year has already had a lot of it, and has more to come! But, I know to weather any changes, my focus can't be on "getting through". One, I'll miss all the beauty of it, and two, I know that is just ducking my head down instead of keeping my focus on the Lord and seeing how it can change me to be more like Him. More patient. More loving. To produce more good fruit within me as I lean upon Him. I fail many times a day as I can let my "to-do's" capture my focus. I am thankful His kindness draws me back. The richness of the mercy of the Lord is truly amazing, and it is humbling to think on.

And so? The Brooks head forward into July. The boys are ready to light some fireworks (and Daddy is too!), and the Momma is needing a packing list completed so we can fly away into the grandeur of the redwoods. My heart is full.

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