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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

July Reflections

Ummmmm, yikes. July is over. It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks the other week that the boys will be starting school again in a short time. I know that summers always go fast ... but wow! I had to get my rear end in gear and finish ordering our school books so that at least once we are settled in the new house (less than one week!), we will actually have the school books to start in on.

The lazy days of summer had some times of laziness, to be sure, but with a big trip to California for family, Eli's big trip to South Africa, VBS, swim lessons, and etc., it still seemed that many of our days were full. I don't mind being busy, but July sure whizzed by.

We ended July with Eli's trip, and I must say, it wasn't the easiest. The first 4-5 days were the worst. We were all adjusting to not having Daddy around, and not being able to call him to say goodnight and check in. Once we got past those days, things seemed to calm down somewhat, and the boys had fewer meltdowns than we experienced in the beginning of the week. = ) But, there is just no replacement for Eli. Three boys need their Daddy, and he and I are such a team, that there was a definite gaping hole when he was gone like that. I put them to bed each night, put away any extraneous dishes and clothes, and then went straight to bed. Read my Bible (especially the Psalms), and went to sleep. Exhausted. I am so thankful that the Lord gave me good sleep while Eli was gone. I was worried I would have trouble sleeping, but aside from the bathroom runs - hello, squished pregnancy bladder! - I slept well nearly every night.

His trip was amazing. From a ministry perspective, his vision was refreshed and he is excited to see new things birthed at church. And hello! South Africa! He got to see some awesome things there, and connect with lots of my dad's relatives and get to know them. Pretty awesome time! Maybe someday we'll get to go back together.

My favorite little memory was the night before he was going to come home, and I was putting the boys to bed. We were talking about our favorite parts of that day, and things that we were looking forward to. And Reuben, his little innocent five year old voice perked up: "Mommy?? You know my favorite part of tomorrow???? When Daddy comes home! And we will be a WHOLE FAMILY again!"

His face was one big, happy grin. Just anticipating running into his daddy's arms.

We're prepped for a week of packing and moving ahead of us. Catching up for Eli at work as he gets back into the swing of things here and start making plans for fall events and retreats. And I think that each Brooks is super excited to for the "new house" to finally be our house by the end of the week! August, here we come!

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