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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, July 21, 2014

California - Part 2

Obviously, besides being the amazing family for 10 ten days, we got to enjoy gorgeous weather. Talk about 70 degrees being the high, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, and always starting off with fog in the morning. There were enough warm days that we enjoyed some beach time in the sun, but the clouds gave us cover on some picnic days and on the day where we celebrated the big birthday for Eli's grandpa.

How can you not love that? Especially when you're leaving Kansas in July. Not that I mind hot weather. I love pool afternoons and summer clothes. But, I also happen to be pregnant and generating more body heat than normal. So, the boys, Eli, and I didn't mind packing our sweatshirts and having to use them! Although there were so many little kiddos around, we didn't take any really long hikes, we very much spent lots of time outdoors and time exploring the redwoods, big rocks, and the ocean!

How I wish that we could go back, even sooner than one year! If only flights were easier to afford = ) But, I am so so grateful that we were able to go this year and build and strengthen relationships with family that we love.

Down in Fern Canyon

Daddy with Matthias on his back - up on a rock!

All of us looking out from Wedding Rock out to the ocean

We love love LOVE Uncle Brian and Aunt Kaycie!

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