A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Madness

That's how the end of March felt - like madness ...

Wrapping up a month of birthday birthday birthday for Jonah and Reuben ended with eight of their friends over for a birthday party on Saturday. Went GREAT - but 10 (11 counting Matthias) boys 8 and under was pretty intense!

We got an offer on the house - still feels like a non-reality. We countered, and they accepted. And now we're waiting on the results of the inspection that happened yesterday. Trying to fight anxiety and desperately wanting to just have this.be.real. And working on that entire surrender piece. A constant for me. I like my ducks in a row, my plans in place, etc.

And somehow in the middle of that madness I feel like I've gotten behind on keeping the house clean and behind on some work prep that needs to be completed by next weekend. And feeling very very tired. Perhaps some of that comes from just doing what had to be done constantly to keep the house up to "showing" par, and when I've finally gotten a breath of fresh air, my body is screaming "hey! you've been wearing me out like crazy the past two months!". And so I've been falling into bed as early as possible, and trying to ease up on some self-imposed pushiness = )

And praying. Keeping my prayers for the right time, the perfect will, not just my own. I sure hope this is the time to finally move on and MOVE OUT, but at the same time, wanting to be at peace knowing His plan is still the best for me, for Eli, and for the boys.

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