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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

7 Years Old

What a week it has been! Full of good things, but oh-so-full. Add in a couple short nights, and I thought often of jotting down my thoughts on Jonah's birthday after the boys went to bed ... and then I decided to just go to bed myself!!! Too tired = ) I had to get up super early again today for work, but slept hard before the alarm clock went off, so hopefully this sets me up for more energy this weekend !

I can't believe that Jonah is 7! I still remember expecting him, and all the wonders you experience with your first pregnancy. I remember those moments in the hospital when he wasn't responding well, and I was put on oxygen, and all we're thinking is "Be safe and healthy, Little One". And he was! Just tiny and happy to stay put where he was.

Since Reuben celebrates his birthday only a few weeks before Jonah, it is needless to say that Jonah REALLY starts to anticipate his birthday ... seeing his brother enjoy lots of fun things. We decorated for him, and then had to head off to church since it was Sunday. But, he got to walk around and have it "be" his birthday, so I don't think he minded one little bit. And then we headed home, had lunch, and let him open his presents from us. Which, of course, led into play time with Dad and his brother.

We didn't really have anything else planned for the day, so we ended up just calling some of Eli's family to come over for ice cream and visit for awhile to end the day with family and fun.

Jonah, Jonah! Sometimes he'll say things that just make me stop and realize he is growing up. Of course he is, but there are moments when it is very apparent. He loves to sit and just talk with myself or Eli. About things he is thinking about - or anything under the sun! That boy is a true Brooks, often found looking at birds with his binoculars and marking in a notebook which ones he has seen. He can't wait for when he can get a pet - because we promised once we are able to move into a new house, the boys can get a lizard.

Like Reuben, he has a math brain, and although he complains when doing math at school time, he sails through it and brings up problems he has figured out in his mind at different points during the day. He would rather eat the cake than the frosting (I just CANNOT understand that one!), and he now offers his opinion on if food has enough protein in it since he hears Mommy and Daddy talking about those things. He highlights his favorite verses in the Bible, and solemnly told me the other day that it would be better if he did things "even before I get asked to do them ... but I forget too much, Mommy!"

I take his hugs and love seriously, because as this little boy now missing another tooth grows taller and bigger, I want to squeeze him while I can! Love my Jonah Willem Brooks.

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