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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Contract Pending!

Look at this!

Contract pending! = ) I feel like I could CAPS this and add so many exclamation points and just let that be the entire post!

We are so excited! It's almost a year ago that we first listed the house for sale - and of course the story goes that things didn't turn out quite like we thought, and we ended up taking it back off the market last fall after nothing happened with it. Re-listed this February and now we're actually selling it!

Lots of waiting. Lots of questions/prayers/wondering what in the world was going on. And then in January - lots of  repentance as we felt that God just showed us our own selfishness in the situation. Too much focus on our hearts' desires, rather than seeking His. And when we really felt like we had surrendered it all, even saying the words to each other "If we felt Him say to stay here for years longer ... we are ready to do it", seems like a few days later we got the contract.

We've been waiting the last two weeks for all the inspections to go through, and they did as of Tuesday evening, and our realtor added the "Contract Pending" to the top of our sign today. BIG SMILE ON MY FACE

I am just so grateful. Slightly overwhelmed and shell-shocked because it still feels completely unreal. Like, I've been living in a super-clean-house-all-the-time atmosphere, constantly thinking in the back of my mind what to clean, how to get it clean enough for a showing, how to avoid it getting super dirty again, etc etc etc. Hard to switch my brain off that.

It's like a big breath of relief. We're not sure FOR REAL????" Yes, buddy, we finally made it!
exactly where God wants us to plant, and we are thankful that we have the time to decide, and that Opa and Oma are going to let us stay with them for a couple months this summer. Jonah looked at me with big big eyes today, "SOMEONE WANTS TO BUY OUR HOUSE FOR REAL???" Yes, Buddy! We finally made it = )

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