A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
Us as we are ...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Adding to the Bushel

It's true! Our Bushel is growing = )

We're (well, I) 12 weeks pregnant with our fourth baby. Pretty excited! The boys are thrilled and we're looking forward to the many changes this year is bringing us.

I've been down much more than normal because of morning sickness, which means my memory-keeping blog posts have been sadly put on the back burner many days. Trying to keep packing things up for moving in 3-4 weeks out of this home, and usually my "morning" sickness worsens as the day goes on, which means the time I would get on the computer after the boys go to bed is now right when I lay down!

Thankfully, it isn't quite as bad as it was with Matthias, so I'm trucking along as best as I can, and learning that everything on my list just isn't going to get done each day!

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