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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Too Fast a Two Year Old

Matthias turned two years old on Friday. Where has my baby gone? My little snuggler who didnotwanttosleepthroughthenight until almost a year old (WAAAAYYY past his brothers' better sleeping habits!), is now a little boy, who quickly decided the day of his birthday that he did not want to be two years old. "No, I five", he proudly proclaimed. He has proceeded to tell everyone else that he is five too. = ) My friend at the gym reminded me that I could tell him five year olds use the potty and do all sorts of big boy things. Hmmm, might have to pull that one!

He is talking up a storm in this house. Each day it seems he adds more words to his vocabulary, and creates longer sentences. Eli and I were talking the other night, and Matthias really is our most mischievous boy. No matter the circumstance, it seems he is looking for a way to be a little bit ornery. I have to watch him constantly, because he creatively finds ways to get into literally everything in the house. No shelf, closet, item is safe from him now! He grabs a little workbook and says "I do school" when I sit the other boys down at the table to complete their work. He has figured out to request we visit Grandma, or Aunt Didi, or Opa and Oma when he wants to get out of the house. And his favorite new phrase? "Easter Basket" = )

He makes me laugh every single day. He makes me feel like pulling my hair out every single day. And I love him to pieces.

Tonight we let the boys fill buckets of water and play outside and just get dirty and wet. He took off his shoes, and when he realized his feet had gotten muddy, ran up on the deck "I yucky!!!" he called to Eli and I - watching for our reaction. Was this okay? We shrugged and said "it is fine! Go play!" HUGE GRIN on his little face before he headed back out into the yard with his brothers.

No big parties this year because he didn't really need one! He was happy with a birthday pancake in the morning, the proclamation at the gym that it was his birthday, and then dinner with Grandma and Papa later that night. He is one busy, silly, friendly, lovable little guy.

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