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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day

It started snowing early this morning and STILL GOING. I have no idea how much snow we currently have received, but it is a lot, and the boys were just looking out on the back deck, oohing and aahing over the piles and drifts outside. And musing if Matthias would get lost in it = )

Estimates ranged from 4-12 inches, and we're at least somewhere in that range! That meant Eli worked from home today, classes were canceled at the gym, schools and all kinds of places were closed around town ... and we went nowhere. That, in itself, is odd for the boys and I.

They are used to being home quite a bit, though, being homeschooled and all, so a snow day at home isn't quite as exciting as perhaps if they went to school all day normally. Instead, they wonder why we don't get to leave the house! And since we spent a great deal of time cleaning the house yesterday prepping for the meeting with the realtor, and then actually meeting with her, we didn't get much school done yesterday. Which meant our snow day included quite a bit of school.

Which, really? Although there were a few complaints, it actually kept them busy this morning, which was good, because by 4 o'clock this afternoon, the five of us were wondering what to do with each other! We pulled out the big tub of duplo blocks and got to building and knocking down.

It was a fun day, though. Once school got done, we got to enjoy time all together. Which is usually limited. The boys got to play board games with each other, and then convinced Eli to play chess and checkers with them:

Mommy wrestled with them on her bed, which was sooooooo much fun (!) they asked for a repeat later on in the day:

Eli pulled out our latte machine - which we haven't used in a long time! Yum. Made us warm drinks to sip on during the afternoon ...

We broke out our new crockpot to make dinner in (our old one bit the dust). And it was good!:

I had a helper in the kitchen, because what would a snow day be without homemade cinnamon rolls? Not quite right, that's what. Matthias is quite proud of his new stool-toting skills, and that little boy is getting into everything that we thought we out of his reach! He sees me working in the kitchen - trots down the hall and returns with the stool. Mommy's getting dressed??? No problem, grab the stool and get into her dresser drawers. I'm having trouble finding places I can keep things safe.

We are so blessed. Although yes we had our stir-crazy moments, to be able to spend the day together as a family just hardly happens. We normally get snippets here and there, and we're trying to catch everyone up on details during those times. This day was just play day.

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