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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, February 2, 2014


My boys are waaaaay into eagles and hawks and all things big and birdy and fierce. Constant talk about red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, size comparisons, you-name-it. Jonah's last nature center homeschool class was completely on eagles, which he really liked, and they got to walk down to Mary's Lake and see some flying around, as well as some hawks. Pretty cool stuff for that first grader!

I have been helping teach the 3rd-6th grade homeschool co-op class in January. Our lesson plans centered on Kansas, since January is the birthday month of the state of Kansas = ) And one of the crafts I pulled in was a bald eagle magnet. I know they're not really the state bird or anything, but they are quite a few of them around this time of year, so it fit in just fine.

Jonah and Reuben were super excited because I had leftover craft supplies, and since crafts are really not my strong point (hey! we're flying along in reading and math ... crafting? not so much), we got to cut, glue, stick together and talk about eagles for half an hour straight. Huge success in this little house.

Right now they are on the side of our fridge - which Eli pointed out to me that they are going to have to be "moved" because tomorrow the sign goes back up in front of the house. Another topic for another day (a day that I need much more emotional stamina than I have left today in my tank), so I'm not sure yet where I can save this feathery friends. Jonah wants to take one of his to his nature center teachers the next time he has class, so the trick is to put it somewhere safe, but not so safe that I can't remember the location. We'll see how that goes.

It was fun. And it was good reminder to me that sitting at the table and doing a craft with the boys is a pretty fun little moment in time with them - and I need to fit a few more of those moments into the spring semester.

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