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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Things

Sometimes, for me, Monday is more than welcomed. I know for most, Monday is the beginning of the work week, the daily grind. Sunday is given a sad farewell as everyone looks forward to earlier wake-up times and days filled with work and/or school plus running around more.

But for me, Monday is a beautiful day. It's like a reprieve in our home. Sunday is not a day off in our household. It is a work day for Eli - and although church is a wonderful thing and we enjoy going (I hate hate HATE to miss!), we tend to hit Sunday afternoon feeling pretty worn out. And there are usually some other events/meetings/work things thrown in on a Sunday for us. All.good.things. But still, makes for a day in which we're goinggoinggoing. Add to yesterday's Sunday a showing of the house - so happy to have one! - we I was ready to hit the sack by 8 o'clock! Oh, and add to that a fourth ear infection for Matthias since the beginning of January. = ( We were up a lot with him Saturday night, and I left church early to make a doctor run. Expensive appointment led to expensive antibiotics ... ugh. Sweet little boy! We have to get to spring and get past this so my littliest one can move on!

Ummmm, this room was SPOTLESS just 24 hours ago!
But Oh, Monday. Eli's day off. And yes, I always work at least one hour, but we don't have an early alarm clock. I always get to go grocery shopping with my dad, which is a tradition I treasure and enjoy. We didn't have any plans this evening, a first in the last five days, so we're hanging at home. Clearing off shelves, watching a nature show, playing Legos, and just enjoying time at home together.

This Monday was made even sweeter by a love note left by Eli ... just because
We've had our share of little-boy meltdowns, that is for sure. But, we've also had gems of moments ... Reuben just sitting in my lap for snuggles. Matthias leaning against Eli to have his head scratched! Jonah working on his beloved Rainbow Loom and becoming an expert direction-follower. Dusting the house - once again.

Big boys having Nerf wars? He'll find a spot with his favorite curious monkey
I find myself caught between two personalities. There are days when I need to get out of the house. Want to be around people ... feel crazy cabin fever! How I look forward to the gym, not just for my workout, but for my friends and girls there that are a daily blessing to me. But, I'm also just a homebody. I want time in my own home. No plans, no one else. Just me and all my boys - Eli included. I'll crave hours with no other interaction than that. Maybe that is how everyone else is too. And maybe that is just fine. And today??? Today I'm the homebody, and lovin' it = )

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