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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rainbow Loom

Jonah really loves crafts. He got a bead kit for Christmas the he had been asking for - and loves to paint and do anything, well, crafty. And really, probably this is the case for most kids! But at the gym, many of the girls had been bringing in their "Rainbow Looms" to make rubber band bracelets, rings, etc etc. He was intrigued, but suddenly last week, when the elementary schools had days off and the bigger kids were at the gym with him, he decided that he really wanted a rainbow loom too.

Unbeknownst to him, I had been thinking about getting one for him. Both Eli and I remember those square looms with stretchy bands that kids made pot holders with when we were little. And similar things like that were always fun to work with - you actually produce something! And I was relieved when I had several moms tell me that the boys were all making them too. I got lots of stories of boys his age working on their bracelets and watching videos to find different weaves. Although we don't push typical boy/girl stereotypes too much, I also don't necessarily want Jonah walking into a situation in which he gets made fun of

... without at least a discussion on how to handle that.

But, thankfully, he isn't the only boy wanting a Rainbow Loom. = )

So, Oma helped get one on a day we were cleaning for an open house and loading everyone up to run to the hobby store (which can be a frightening place for me with three pairs of little boy hands!!!!) for the loom. That was three days ago.

Many bracelets later ... I think he made four or five just this morning before church - to give to his friends. And that's really why he even is making them. He loves to give them away and think of what colors his friends might like. And I enjoy seeing that part of him.

He gets to work on coordination, creativity, and all kinds of other spacial skills and what-not, while just having fun putting colors together and thinking about other people. Win-win situation!

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