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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sweaty Girl

That's what I am at some point most days. I wanted to take a picture of myself after teaching my afternoon class today, but it was me and my ipod - and well, none came out quite right! The drenched workout top and damp hair are a pretty regular occurrence in my week!

I don't really have a "reason" for working out. I just ... like it. I enjoy it. I know, many people say they don't, but I kinda think that is because they just haven't found a workout that they, well, like! There are so many ways out there to exercise and keep your body and heart healthy, there has to be one for most people. The benefits are so huge!  And I never, never feel bad after a workout. I have so much more energy for my day, and enjoy the energy and physicality I can bring to playing with my boys every day. Long ago, people had to be more active. Had to walk to get places, had to work in their fields or kitchens and use their hands and muscles so much more. Now we all drive to go somewhere, sit quite a bit more in our daily lives - our bodies NEED some movement!

Today Jonah sat at my computer and watched a workout video on YouTube, and each time a new move popped up and the name of that move came on the screen, he paused the video to write down the move. After he was done, he was so proud of his "workout sheet" and proceeded to demo all the moves for me. He loves to be down in the weight room with Eli, we're going to start working on short jogs with the boys to help them build some confidence and endurance in running for future sports. I'm thrilled beyond belief to see the boys take on the idea that our family is an active family and we are active together. Working towards being healthy together.

One of my personal training clients did 100 burpees on Saturday. Completely on her own! She went into the gym to do her own workout, and texted me when she was done, that in addition to weights, she had knocked out 100 burpees! I was so proud of her! This is someone who started working with me and had not been in top physical condition, but has seen changes in her life. More energy to keep up with her son - playing basketball with him, going on walks/jogs/etc. Has gotten stronger and felt more confident about herself.

For me, I can't imagine fitness not being a part of who I am and what I am passionate about. I don't expect everyone to have the same passion about it that I do (we all have our passions! And it's sooooo good that they are different because I learn so much from my friends who have WAY more knowledge about gardening or house stuff or whatever else God has given them talents in) and that is fine. I love to lift heavy weights and work towards getting stronger and faster ... just because I like it. I have nothing to prove, other than that God could take someone who always felt ashamed that I wasn't athletic like many of my friends were in junior and senior high, and now finds herself running, lifting, jumping ... and L.O.V.I.N.G. it! Maybe it gives Him a chuckle = )

Although it snowed today ... spring is in the air, and my itch to move is only getting stronger! I'm so ready for playing at the park, running in the backyard, talking walks with the boys ... and enjoying being just who I am.

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