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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bike Helmets

We realized earlier this year, that there was NO WAY that Reuben was going to fit into the bike helmet that he wore last year. And Jonah's only fit so-so. Time for new ones. And we put it off. Put it off. I couldn't handle the thought of plunking down full price for the ones at the store when it was still snowing a few weeks ago. And then a friend of ours reminded me that you could get free ones at the fire department! Sold.

Again, we put it off a bit longer than planned (earlier posts related to insane amounts of work on the house should explain), but finally, Monday afternoon this work, Eli took the boys to get new ones. We had chipped in with his parents to get the boys scooters for their birthdays this month, and knew what happens with scooters/bikes and little boys: scrapes and falls! I'm expecting some skinned knees and bonks along the way, but helmets will be a must for my two adventurers.

The boys were super excited, of course! Anything new to them is exciting, whether or not it is a bike helmet. Reuben got red, and Jonah got blue. And Reuben is quite in love with his bike helmet. He wore it most of the rest of Monday, put it on Tuesday morning after he got dressed, proceeded to wear it to preschool (they made him hang it on his coat hook = )), and put it right back on when I picked him up that morning. As far as I can remember of Tuesday, that red helmet stayed on his head most of the time ... including his own homework-at-home time!

We ended up having someone come look at the house yesterday, so the helmets have been put back in the garage, where I hope to keep them most of the time, but that little four year old and his newly beloved helmet just kept a smile on my face that day.

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