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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Keep It Clean

The house, that is (wink wink).

Perhaps I had prepared myself for worse ... but keeping the house clean over the last week has actually gone fairly well. I feel like I should say "knock on wood" after that - but really??? Does that do a darn thing?

It does help that half of the stuff around the house just is gone. Packed up and being stored at my parents' house. Dusting took about the half the time it normally takes! But, it has been manageable. I've probably cleaned the bathroom three times in the last week = ) Boys. All I need to say. Vacuuming is easier when there is less furniture to move around. Toys are put away more quickly because we are getting less of them out at a time, and they seem to have a proper place to be returned to.

Ask me again in three weeks, and I might have a headache from keeping it so clean! The trickiest part so far for me has been trying to quickly make sure EVERYTHING is cleaned up when we have to leave the house in the morning for preschool or gym time ... with the possibility that a visit could occur while we're gone. We have to get up, get breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, work on attitudes for the day, feed Matthias, and ensure that we leave it pretty sparkling clean behind us as we walk out the door before 9 a.m. THAT one is a bit rough ...

I can honestly say it is grace. I, in and of myself, would not be able to do this without migraines everyday. But, I do just sense the grace of God over the house, over myself, the boys, and our routine. Yes, they are still at home, but their little lives have been rattled a little. We've had to up and get out of the house quickly a couple times, we've had to re-arrange their "things", etc. Grace permeates my days right now. And when Eli came home Thursday afternoon and asked how our day had been, I just looked at him, and replied "Great!" And it had been - the boys and I had a fabulous day. Lots of learning time, playing time, and silly time together. Couldn't have asked for better.

And ... the boys have also learned much more about cleaning! I'm hoping to keep a bit of this structure ongoing in our family life - they have so much improved their attitude about cleaning and helping around the house, and I have worked on how I parent them as they clean and report back to Mom. Even Matthias helps out once in awhile ...

My Sweet Little 11 Month and 26 Day Year Old!
One week down. I know, only one week. But, you never know what might happen this coming week, right? The thing I most miss is baking and working more in the kitchen, because I've scaled back meal prep and stuff to try and keep it cleaner in there (not to mention my kitchenaid keeps being relegated to the garage), but I sneak it in when I can!

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