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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, April 7, 2013


I hope I can safely say that springtime is here! Our winter came so late this, so much snow in later months than we are used to! I was downloading pictures off the camera this afternoon, the first pictures on there are of the big snow on the 26th of February - and we had more snow after that! And then there were the pictures we took outside, last night = )

Quite a difference!

The last three days have been GORGEOUS! I have been outside with the boys as much as possible. To the park, in the backyard, riding scooters at my sister's house ... up in the 60's and 70's, and we have not been complaining! Even now, the boys are running around outside in the backyard, climbing up the swingset and up to much pirate-y fun. I just washed many windows around the house while Matthias napped, and now taking a few minutes to sit down.

This is how Matthias gets rides around the backyard ... in a tractor. The little guy loves it - and it is pretty amazing how many times the bigger boys will push him around and around the yard while he grins from ear to ear. I am on the watch for a baby swing to hang on the swing set, but haven't come across a good enough deal yet.

We have been working hard on "being kind" to brothers lately around here. It seems like getting in and out of the van, getting first into the store, or the gym, or the house, has become these huge issues! Who is faster (Jonah, of course), and then Reuben is left wailing because of it. Or I send Reuben to brush his teeth, and Jonah hears and races to the bathroom to "beat him" at it. Jonah has had handwriting assignments as of late, asking him to write things that he could do to be kind to Reuben. Reuben and Mommy have had lots of face to face time, reminding him that when he gets frustrated, he needs to talk before letting his hands, get out of hand ... let our house be a house of kindness ... working on it.

Some days it feels like no progress is being made, but I felt a small glimmer of hope yesterday when I was walking down the stairs with them, and there was an argument going on between the two of them as to who was going to be first. They were each to get a ten minute turn on my ipod. "But I want to go first", they were both saying. I stopped them. Reminded them of our goal to be kind to others, to put others first, just like Jesus did. Said - keep that in mind as you decide how to work this out, or else no one gets a turn today. Reuben immediately piped up, "Jonah, you take the first turn today".

I was proud of him, and told him so. Now, I'm not so naive to think that the possibility of NO turn on the ipod did not play into his decision, but still, for the 4 year old to quickly pipe up and give his brother first crack at it was heart warming to me. It is against our nature to put others first ... and there are many more lessons ahead of all of us in this house! But, that little glimmer of sweetness, of the right attitude was a beauty for this Momma to hear.

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