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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, February 2, 2012


February? Already?

Wow, the end of January - well, maybe ALL of January - seemed to go by pretty fast! I'm counting that as a blessing, seeing as I am now in my last trimester (maybe all if it will go by quickly!), and that we didn't have the cabin fever of January snows. Not that I mind snow. In fact, one or two good snows to get outside and sled it would be nice! But, we've enjoyed 60 degree weather days on and off all month long, and few to start February off with as well! The backyard has never seemed so fun!

We have re-emerged from about 7 straight days of being too sick to go do much at all, and three trips to the doctor! Yay! This week has been getting back into our schedule, and playing again, and working on reading lessons with Jonah and all that good stuff!

I had lots of posts last week running through my head: but never seemed to find the right amount of time to get on the computer, work with pictures, and get them done. Ha! Oh well, that is the life of a mom, right? Reuben has been keeping us smiling with funny sayings he has picked up, so I want to get them all down before they leave my memory: hopefully later this week I can get that done.

But, I wanted to post some smiles! Once everyone was feeling better, I felt like pulling out the camera one evening. Eli found an old hat of his (one that I remember him wearing a lot in college, when we were first interested in each other!), and the boys got a kick out of wearing it. They call it their fishing hat, but it gave me some fun memories to smile about with my hubby. THOSE are good moments to sit down and re-hash and laugh about together!

The boys are hoping that once spring is actually here, they'll be able to trying utilize these hats with their fishing poles!

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